The subsequent objectives of the project are

  • to enhance MULTIPLIERS’ knowledge about didactical and methodological principles and techniques in adult education;
  • to support MULTIPLIERS in adapting, combining and creating training methods and tools being an appropriate mixture of (West-)European approaches as well as approaches of the education systems they are coming from;
  • to foster MULTIPLIERS’ consciousness for the socio-political elements of their actions and initiate a first step into political education as pre-requisite for participation in an European democratic country;
  • to subsequently develop a Workshop-Series that conveys the topics taught to the migrants’ communities and initiates also a process of reflecting topics like democracy, participation and anticipation, that activates to acquaint with the European Union and its integral concepts and values. 


Intellectual Outputs I, II and III will be subsequent answers on the challenges:


The project thus will develop and accomplish an intense short training in didactical and methodological principles and techniques in adult education in order to enhance their background knowledge and will teach them methods and means that are not sufficiently taught in this context so far. (IO1)


With the development of a very innovative compilation of methods and tools of European, African, Arabic, and Asian style, we take the educational socialization of migrants into account and combine current (West- ) European methods with those from the immigrants’ countries. (IO2)


The third main appeal of this project relates to the  circumstance that MULTIPLIERS enable an insight into what European values and systems are consisting of.  They are not only information bringer; they are serving for emancipatory and democratic messages.

The project, thus , contributes also clearly to the issues of common values, civic engagement and participation via a training and related handbook on an introduction into political education. (IO3)