OMEGA Transcultural Centre for mental and physical health and integration, Austria

OMEGA's work includes socio-medical-psychological-therapeutic counseling, treatment and care of children, adolescents and adults as well as a variety of health-promoting and integrative projects. The multi-professional team consists of doctors, psychologists, therapists, social workers and educators and is characterized by interdisciplinarity, years of experience and transcultural competence.

+43 316 77 35 54




mhtconsult, Denmark

mhtconsult is a private and independent research and development organisation, focusing on intercultural inclusion, integration, diversity, prevention and empowerment in both working life and social contexts. Based on the values of diversity and equal citizenship, mhtconsult are building a bridge between analytical knowledge and practical tools in a wide range of professional areas.

+45 5120 4858



Università Delle LiberEtà FVG, Italy

Università delle LiberEtà  is a lifelong learning centre that deals with adult education and training. It is a cultural and educational resource for the local community that tries to inform all citizens that the epochal changes which we are witnessing require recurrent and continuous training. It encourages its members to play an active and productive role, proposing initiatives and/or projects and contributing to their achievement and stimulating innovate teaching and learning methodologies. Università delle LiberEtà organizes over six hundred courses per year, with more than 150 teachers for about 3500 learners.



+39 0432 29 79 09



Slovenska Filantropija, Slovenia


Slovenska Filantropjia, association for the promotion of volunteering is a non-governmental organization – an association with the status of an organization that acts in the public interest and with the status of a humanitarian organization. They have been operating since 1992 with programs aimed at raising the quality of living in the community and in the advocacy of the socially weaker. Slovenska Filantropija offers training for volunteers, mentors and organizers of volunteering and educational content for various stakeholders.

+386 1 430 1288



MAD for Europe, Spain


MAD for Europe is a non-profit association, active in the labour market and the fields of Education, Training and Youth Culture, focusing on social work and voluntary services, education, training and promotion of new technologies, culture and art. Among their functions you can find projects in order to encourage citizen participation, European mobility, youth exchanges, the realization of a wide range of specialized training courses, support for young unemployed, reintegration of people with inclusion problems in society, language training and the promotion of the artistic and historical heritage.

+34 91 041 38 84