An Erasmus+ project to support the educational role of      migrant multipliers in the integration process


partner countries: Austria, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia, Spain


MultiPLUS is coming close to its end

We are encountering challenges, facing them, rediscovering  the potencial and sustainability  of the project and looking forward to keep working with the multipliers on our organizations' goals. 

We had our fourth and final Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) in Udine, Italy, am 29 und 30 September.



The TPM's work focused on the current implementation of the third and last phase of the project. In this phase, the multipliers are carrying out political education activities in their communities. It is about impulses (some of them as workshops) to start the dialogue about the political values of the European Union.


For the first time since the start of the project, two multipliers were able to take part in a TPM. The opportunity offered the multipliers a clearer idea of the  international experience they are part of .  The Multipliers  from the Austrian Team,  Rachel Makinson and Austyn Chapman, closed the TPM with their workshop on "Power and Privileges". The activity was attended by the project partners and a dozen people from Udine, whose enthusiastic participation was a perfect example for the success of the motivating and pedagogical capacity of the multipliers. Well done Rachel! Well done Austin!


October  3, 2022



The time has come. Final event Multiplus Project


Tuesday 23.09 at 6 pm MEDIA CENTER: Rathaus Graz 

Last free places available! 


Displaced Migrants: Panel Discussion on the mental health of migrants as a political decision 



Dr. Günter Klug 

MMag. Dr. Christian Lagger, MBA 

                    Dr. Katharina Purtscher 

Nora Tödtling-Musenbichler



DI Heidrun Primas