The project MultiPLUS+. Migrant Multipliers build Bridges

The integration of migrants is a complex term that describes an equally multifaceted and comprehensive process. It encompasses political, legal, economic, social, cultural and communicative aspects and efforts individuals as societies very much. One persisting question is how to reach migrants with information of societal importance, e.g. about health topics, schooling, waste management, gender equity, or others.

The project MultiPLUS+. Migrant Multipliers build Bridges centers a group of persons that contributes to filling this gap – the so-called multipliers. Migrant multipliers are migrant women, seldom men, well integrated in the host countries and at the same time well-rooted in their community of origin; they speak the national language, e.g. German, very well, and are often role models and bridge-builders between the two communities or, wider, societies. For that reason, organizations, e.g. community centers, often hire them for conveying information about specific topics to migrants. Yet, there are certain challenges accompanying multipliers’ tasks:

  1. A lack of knowledge about educational methods in general, since multipliers have all kinds of professional backgrounds
  2. A discrepancy between teaching methods used in Western Europe and those used in the multipliers' origin countries
  3. The challenge of effectively disseminating information about basic principles of participation, democracy and values in European societies

Our Goals

Facing these challenges, MultiPLUS+ is pursuing the following goals:


  1. To enhance multipliers’ skills in teaching and training by developing and accomplishing an intense short training about didactical and methodological principles and techniques in adult education

  2. To support multipliersin generating training methods and tools being an appropriate mixture of (Western-)European approaches as well as approaches of the education systems they are coming from by creating a compendium of training methods and tools from around the world

  3. To push on multipliers’ confrontation with Europe’s' societies' cultures and values, overall laws and societal systems and subsequently push on a process of a new consciousness and dealing with political topics like: democracy, participation, diversity in the migrants’ communities

During the project period, the project partners will therefore create and disseminate 3 intellectual outputs.


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